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Right now, you just said to yourself "But I could never afford a geek". And my friend, that used to be true. Geeks were a precious commidity. Most weren't for sale, and those that were? Way out of your price range. Until now.

Now, through the miracles of modern technology, you can get yourself a geek. For a day. And everyone can afford a geek for a day.

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Mick's GeekBlog

But you know I was really flipped out you know and she asked me
if I’m angry or something I said of course I’m angry man this
isn’t high school or anything you know so I’m feeling really
cavalier and I say ah…call me if you want to…
huh, yeah…call me if you want to
So she rang me up and she says, “Hey! You wanna go out?”
Huh, Do I wanna go out.

Hands up, how many of you recognize those lyrics?

If you did recognize them, how many of you are ashamed you recognized them?  Have no fear, I won’t judge you.  However, I suppose we should allow the rest of the class to get caught up.

Those lyrics are from the song ”AEIOU, Sometimes Y” by the band Ēbn-Ōzn.  The duo were pretty much one-hit wonders, though Ozn did go on to some small success; first with a dance music group known as Dada Nada, and later in the film industry.  But that’s not important.  All that matters right now is that the song is… well, it’s really not that good.  It’s mostly some really bad techno dance grooves and nonsense lyrics masquerading as art.  Mostly.  But oh, my lovelies, mostly is not all.  And the little bit that’s left over is glorious.  Ozn lays down a stream of consciousness rap about “this incredible looking Swedish girl” who he meets, picks up, and takes home.  Just as things are starting to get interesting (It was love about to happen…I’m serious), she gets up and leaves.  Then there’s some more bad techno-pop and some bullshit philosophical prattle about communications.  I usually tune it out for about 1:40, and then Ozn returns with part 2 of the story, which is what I have so thoughtfully shared with you. 

Is it awesome?  No, not really, and yet… it’s stuck with me all these years.  Why?  The monologue.  The glorious monologue.  You have to hear it to fully appreciate it, Ozn’s delivery sells it.

Huh. Do I wanna go out.”

And yes, there is a part 3 to the story.  It’s a bit of a letdown, but it in no way diminishes the majesty of the first two segments.  Track it down… if you dare.

I wish I had a good story about why this is in my head today, but I don’t.  Honestly, I was having a bad day at work, and I was fully prepared to sit down and vent about all the crap and how much I want a change in my professional life (or perhaps an escape from my professional life), and instead… AEIOU sometimes Y. 

My brain does that, sometimes.  Who am I kidding, my brain does that all the time.  There was a time when I tried to fight it, keeping it myself lest everyone around me think I’m crazy.  Then I realized everyone around me thought I was a bit crazy anyway, and the more I tried to be someone I’m not, the crazier I actually became.  Finally, I decided to go with it.  I’ve gotta be me, and if that means the occasional descent into bad pop music, then so be it.  At least I’m no longer stressing over my day job. 

Besides it could be worse… “I can’t get jumping jack, I wanna hold, get back; moonlight, muzak, knick-knack-paddy-whack, talk about… Pop Muzik

Damn.  There goes my night.

Be good to each other.

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Tara's GeekBlog

Almost half of the films that I’ve watched over the last month have been ones that I’ve stumbled upon on tv.  I feel completely blessed to have access to TCM and its constant commercial-free fabulousness, and I’m thankful for all it has done to get me out of my movie-watching comfort zone or, at the very least, bring me things that I didn’t know existed that I might have otherwise missed.  Here’s an example:

Lust for Life (1956)

I’m not usually fond of biopics, and one about a painter might seem a bit sluggish on the surface.  But when you say Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn doing a biopic about Van Gogh, one of the good-and-crazy painters, well…I still probably wouldn’t have bought it online.  But when it’s right in front of me, and when it would be more effort for me to actually change the channel, it sounded like a good idea.  And you know, I’m glad I stuck around.  Kirk Douglas is amazing as the tortured artist, completely capturing the essence of loneliness and the lengths it can drive one to.  Anthony Quinn plays Gauguin, Van Gogh’s foil in every respect, and plays it quite well.  Their rages, as well as their amicabilities, feel genuine; neither side is more sympathetic than the other (or pathetic, for that matter), and both actors really seemed to grasp the intense passion with which the men they portray lived their lives.  What the story lacks in action and drama, the characters more than make up for.  A great Sunday afternoon flick. 

Here’s a great scene of the two artists at their worst/best.    


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